We extend to you a warm and heartfelt Christian welcome.  Our parish is dedicated to imitating the love and faithfulness of Jesus Christ by sharing the gospel with our words and living it with our lives. We seek to strengthen and encourage one another in the faith so that we may be equipped to welcome many more into our family as fellow disciples of Jesus Christ.





Greek Festival

May 20-22, 2016







Orthodox Light


Read the latest issue of The Orthodox Light, the official newsletter of the Greek Orthodox Church of Saint George. It keeps the parish updated on the latest local church news and events. It offers encouraging articles (in English and in Greek) that strengthen us in our faith as Orthodox Christians. It has truly become a part of the life of our parish.

















The Greek Orthodox Church of Saint George is home to the Shrine of Saint Nectarios the Wonderworker. Born as Anastasios Kephalas on October 1, 1846, Saint Nectarios became a prolific preacher and writer. In 1889 he was ordained Bishop of Pentapolis and then in 1904 established a monastery on the island of Aegina. He resided there until his repose on November 8, 1920. His Feast Day is November 9.