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Welcome to our St. George Greek School! 
Classes will begin on Thursday, September 12, 2023 at 4:00pm, with an Agiasmo Blessing. 
We are looking forward to seeing all of our Greek School students back in our classrooms at our St. George Greek School! It has been decided that we will continue with the technology learned by our staff members that supports our classrooms in Greek language learning. There was a positive and effective outcome with the use of technology by both our parents and students for the last couple of school years, and therefore, we will continue to be using these components in our instruction. (For example, we will continue to use Zoom on snow days; Google Classroom for part of Classwork, Homework, Assessments and Grades; The Ellinopoula online platform or similar for supplemental Greek teaching techniques and effective interactive student learning.) ​
GREEK SCHOOL REGISTRATION FORMS: greekschlregistration2023-24.pdf

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