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GOYA 2022 – 2023 
Greek Orthodox Youth Association (GOYA)

GOYA (Greek Orthodox Youth Association), is the ministry to Orthodox Christian teenagers for the purpose of fellowship, worship, service, and witness.  Since GOYA is a ministry under the advisement and spiritual guidance of our Proistamenos, Father Peter Balkas, the orientation and implementation of the program first and foremost reflect the Orthodox Christian Faith, Tradition and Life, including a well-rounded program of religious, cultural, athletic and social activities.
The goal of the GOYA ministry is to create a place where young people come to learn and grow as Greek Orthodox Christians in today’s society.  The GOYA program offers teens the opportunity to become involved in various programs and events while encouraging its members to keep church and God important and relevant in their lives.  By constructing an environment that fosters Orthodox Christian values and mutual respect for one another we have also experienced that many people make lifelong friends while experiencing their Faith and culture in a loving environment.
All GOYA members are expected to display proper behavior (as outlined in the Participation Contract) and, act as role models at all times.  In the event disciplinary action is warranted, appropriate consequences will be imposed.  Parents are an integral part of GOYA and have an orbital role to play.  Throughout the year, parents will be called upon to assist with various events and activities.

Participation/Membership Fees
All Orthodox Christian teenagers, (ages 12-18) who are in seventh through twelfth grade are eligible and welcome to participate.  An annual membership applies as well as the submission of completed membership/registration and health forms.   Additional participation fees apply for specific GOYA event/activities.  GOYA members are expected to attend the Divine Liturgy regularly and register in Church School.  All families of GOYAns must be current stewards in good standing of St. George. 
GOYA Contacts and Communication
All communication is done via the general GOYA email account:
Advisory Team
Elaine Manoliadis, Sean Mish, Andreas Dimitratos and ​Andy Dakos (Athletics) 


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